Washing, re-proofing and repairs.

We can wash anything but the horse!

Small rugs, up to 5ftStandardWith neck
Coolers, fleeces, fly rugs:£6.00£6.50
Turnout(wash and re-proof) - Light/Middleweight:£13.00£15.00
Turnout(wash and re-proof) - Heavyweight:£17.00£19.00
Large rugs, over 5ftStandardWith neck
Coolers, fleeces, fly rugs:£7.00£7.50
Turnout(wash and re-proof) - Light/Middleweight:£17.00£19.00
Turnout(wash and re-proof) - Heavyweight:£20.00£22.00
Other Items
Travel Boots:£7.00
Exercise Boots:£4.00
Head Collar:£3.00
Repairs from £3.00
Up to 5":£5.00
6" - 10":up to £10.00
11" - 15":up to £15.00
Any quotes needed please call
Leg/Tummy/Chest Strap: £6.00
D Ring: £3.00
All including new webbing, clip, buckle and double stitching
Pet bedding/Coats
Beds:from £5.00
Coats:from £4.00
Anything else you need washing? Just call or email for a quote.